Friday, August 3, 2012

Boy quilt finished

I quilted this one up without any mucking about - straight diagonal lines. There is not really much point in anything fancier!

The best bit about doing this was using my new frixion pen - which disappears when you iron it. We actually got them for my older son who has terrible handwriting; his teacher suggested an erasable pen when they all moved up from pencils. But it turns out that the pen will also erase from heat - so I drew the diagonal lines on with a ruler, then quilted, then ironed and ta-dah! Vanished. It felt a bit naughty drawing on the quilt with a biro.

Some people don't like the pens because the marks can re-appear if you put the quilt in the freezer ... hmmmm I think there is a solution to that problem but I can't quite put my finger on it.


  1. you mean you don't store you quilts in the freezer? why not? lol

  2. Well, drat, that would definitely stop me from using the pen! I really need to get some quilting done the some quilts finished!