Monday, August 6, 2012

Not hand quilting after all

I fully intended to hand quilt this one - something soothing and round, maybe baptist fans? While I watched the Olympics and the arctic winds howled outside (it has been cold, and windy, and I'm sick of it). But after starting and picking it out twice, I gave up, and free-motioned it into submission. I started in the middle with some sort of flower and then just kept going around and around until it was done.

It's really hard to see any sort of quilting with all the piecing going on, which is maybe why I was having trouble finding a decent hand-quilting pattern.

I had thought I was over the strips-and-scraps phase, but apparently not. This is what's coming up - according to my graph paper notebook, and it's not often wrong. I've always wanted to do some kind of postage stamp, but it's not easily pieced in blocks. I'm going just to do it my way, and hope for the best.

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