Monday, September 3, 2012

LIke a blue-arsed fly

Is that an Australian expression for being busy, or in universal use? It strikes me as being Australian. Busy Australians can also be flat out like a lizard drinking. Whatever you call it, it's me at the moment - working every day interferes with your life no end! I miss my down time.

A windy weekend did give us a chance to fly a kite - here it is with a rainbow ... very pretty even though it meant that the rain squalls weren't far behind.


  1. that picture looks like the kite just broke free from the rainbow! and yes, your fly analogy as well as lizard one must be aussie because i've never heard them used here in the states!

    down time is essential to my mental health. gots to have it!

  2. British people are familiar with the fly expression but too refined to use it. I like the lizard one - new to me.