Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rough winds shaking darling buds

Spring is here! The daffs are up, the blossom trees are in full bloom, there's some actual warmth in the sun and it's blowing an absolute gale ... blossom petals and wattle pollen everywhere. All the hay fever sufferers are going bonkers (not me luckily) and everyone else is frantically down the garden centre with the annual burst of enthusiasm. I did some sweeping and poisoning last weekend (my two favourite things! No, not really, I actually like using the electric hedge trimmers on unsuspecting shrubs best) but it's unpleasantly windy out there at the moment. Not so great for gardening, although awesome for getting the washing dry.

Still working unusually hard, although it shouldn't be for too much longer. I felt I did my view a disservice with the picture the other week - actually if I look out the window I get this view. It looks drab and wintry, but in reality it's spectacular - those hills are a long way away and it's where our weather comes from normally. So I can see the squalls and rain showers (snow showers yesterday!) coming towards us. It's always something different. And maybe if I spent less time staring out the window and more time doing work, I would be a little more on top of things. Good point.

Number one son was helping me sort and fold the socks from out of the dryer last night. He thought it would be a good idea to line them up on the cat. Surprisingly, the cat stayed put, although she doesn't look super thrilled. I think the socks were still toasty warm. But look at what the child is wearing - it was less than 4 degrees outside, I had on trackpants, thermals and a fleecy. These Canberra boys seem to grow up tough.

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  1. it's so funny to me to read about everything in your part of the world just now starting to bloom and warm up! after the horrid summer we had, i'm so looking forward to fall and winter. a season of rest...

    can't say who's cuter - your son or the cat! haha. seriously, your son wins hands down.