Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fresh as a daisy

Yesterday was a perfect spring day here in the nation's capital. Still, clear, sunny, warm but not hot and smelling like blossom.

I left the car in at work on Friday night (yes, there may have been wine involved) so Saturday morning I "ran" in to fetch it. Ran is in inverted commas because I think there was much more walking than running. Put it this way - the distance is about 7.5 km and it took me an hour twenty minutes. So that means I averaged under 6 km/hr which is not even really a brisk walking pace. But questions of speed aside it was absolutely glorious.

My route takes me through the bush over the hill, then past the embassies and fancy houses with big hedges, then around Parliament House. Which is always very green and pretty.

Then past the National Library on one side.

With the National Museum on the other side.

And over the lake - with lots and lots of other happy Canberrans and tourists enjoying the sunshine and the flowers. There is a price to pay for all this fresh air and jollity - this morning my butt muscles hurt so much I had to sort of roll out of bed and walk sideways down the stairs going "ow ow ow".

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