Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This quilt just looked like frogs to me - that terribly Kermit-like green. So I've called it Frogstomp in honour (?) of the classic Australian 1994 album by Silverchair ... some of the stupidest lyrics in the history of music - google "Tomorrow" if you dare - but otherwise good headbanging stuff.  That was back when I used to care about popular music - I mostly listen to Artsound FM now, which is a local radio station run by volunteers and has a slightly barking mad quality. There's one guy who does the morning show who has a completely impenetrable rumble of a voice - there is no way to tell what he's saying, which gives the music, when it comes, the delight of surprise.

I thought I would get arty with the quilt photography today. Not so successful - I thought the flowering rosemary would be a nice combination of colours but all the bushes were packed full of bees. I am not going to linger around bushes full of bees, tweaking my arty quilt shots.

I enjoyed making this little quilt - the piecing went together easily, the balance seems right and hand quilting it was fun. One last photo of the cat waddling over to ask me why on earth I was hanging my quilt in the tree. 

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  1. love the greens in this quilt! and your creative photos were nice. did kitty give the paws up of approval? haha