Monday, September 24, 2012

A finish

I seem to be in a finishing mood - the postage stamp is bordered up and being hand-quilted*, and I went on to batt and quilt this scrap number without even pausing to start fifteen more projects! It's a miracle!! *It is lying around on the sofa getting in everyone's way and accumulating cat hair. Occasionally a safety pin pops open and someone sits on it.

Nothing very fancy going on with this one, straight line quilting and a selection of random uglies for the back. For reasons really only I can fathom, I called this quilt "Helen Clark" after the former Prime Minister of New Zealand (and current head of the UNDP).

One of the best things about finishing a scrap quilt was getting to use my ball of random binding ends. The ball has been getting bigger and bigger for quite a while now, so it was good to do some unrolling. I didn't exactly get to the end though.


  1. Ah, you are a wonder of diligence and artistry.

  2. totally awesome quilt! reminds me a little of the 36 patch one i made last year. it was like that for me with that quilt - powered thru like a mad woman until it was done. i really like what you did with the leftover bindings. i usually make my binding out of 2 - 1/2" strips, so i end up using it in blocks because that's a common size for me. i also totally love the pieced back! great job!