Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quilts for wee boys

Here is a top that does exactly what it should - a medium sized quilt for a little boy that's not quite a baby but not really a boy. This is very simple and was very quick to make. Clearly there is no thought involved in the colour co-ordination - I picked out fabrics that had things on them that a little boy might like to look at. Planes, trains and a few owls!

Here's a close-up of the plane fabric in the middle, it's a really pretty clear blue.

I'm watching the Olympic torch enter into the stadium in London as I type this. It's a cold and very foggy Saturday morning here, so perfect for sitting on the sofa and watching some spectacle. I think I missed the point of those British bands - who? why? when? but judging from the rapturous Facebook posts of my friends and acquaintances (some of who are actually there, the buggers) I may be alone in this. Oooh, I just saw the fireworks! Cool! Oh no, and here's Paul McCartney. I had $20 on Cliff Richard.

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