Saturday, July 21, 2012

Car quilt

We have car quilts. Not just for the long trips, but those frosty Canberra evenings when we're coming home late (from our hectic and glamorous social life! Hah!) ... Even quite grown-up ten year old boys can pull up a quilt and snuggle down for the trip home. I do tend to forget about them though, and they get trampled on by footy boots, and end up with mandarin peel in the folds, and then I pull them out in horror every few months, and wash them.

Which is why this one ended up on the line to dry, and I took a photo of it. It was based on this one - not that I bought the pattern of course, puh-leeze, why would you, it's just strips. Some of my dyed fabrics haven't perhaps held up as well as I would like but hey! It's a car quilt!

1 comment:

  1. Car quilts. I bow before you in awed... um... awe. If I ever make a quilt, no one is going near it with tangerines or boots.

    That looks like quite complicated strips to me, but what would I know?