Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sinuses and samosas

Well, my cold turned into a sinus infection, and I've been sick and miserable for the last few days. I've never had a sinus thing before and it hurts! There has been much whining and moping and I haven't left the house since I went to work last Friday. Saturday wasn't too bad - we had friends over for dinner and I made samosas so I can't have been feeling too dreadful. They were potato based. This is the filling.

I love potatoes and will put them in anything. I think it's my Irish heritage - my mother's mother's grandparents were from the north of Ireland somewhere ... my grandmother never had much time for Catholics, from memory, but it had faded to a vague prejudice even by the time she was born (1903) and didn't last any more generations. 

I rolled the dough out with the pasta maker! This has not been used since we moved into the house nearly six years ago, but I knew where it was, and it was so much fun and easy to roll, and it made it very nice and thin. I must get the boys into this, I think they'd love it.

The actual samosas weren't very nice, too bland in the end. But the concept is good, the filling just needs more work.


  1. okay, i give up. what is a samosa and what is the connection to catholics? lol