Thursday, July 19, 2012

Home again

We took the back roads home - different back roads to the way up, there are a LOT to choose from. We only took two days this time rather than the three on the drive up, so it was two long days of driving ... but we wanted to get home. Some slightly hairy pieces of tarmac, but no actual off-roading. Lots of stretches that looked like this...

I finished off the Dresden Plate cot quilt (not quite in time for the baby shower on Saturday, oops, hopefully in time for the baby) and quilted it up. It is very nice to be home and back in the sewing room.

Here's a photo of it in the sunshine to show the quilting. It is frosty mornings and sunny days here at the moment. I am slowly recovering from some foul Kiwi bug my niece infected us all with - hacking and spluttering and barking like a seal. I left work early on Monday; a bit because I felt crappy but mostly because everyone was giving me evil looks for spreading my germs through the office. Fair enough.

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