Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still going with the wool felt

I haven't forgotten my adventure into wool felt - I've been picking away at it in random moments in front of the TV. It requires slightly more concentration than I normally have available while TV watching - hand quilting is much more brainless - so I don't always do it. But when watching something that only uses a tiny part of your brain (i.e. Midsomer Murders, which is getting more barking mad by the week) I applique merrily.

But not always with such good results. This is a bird with an experiment-gone-wrong beak transplant.

This is meant to be a sun. It looks like wrestling jellyfish.

Flowers not known to nature.

I've been writing off my design failures as "primitive" and bugger me, it really does look quite good in bulk! The flowers are jumbling up nicely - I just have to think of some little friends for the mutant bird and it will be a perfectly respectable cushion cover, if no-one looks too closely at any individual item.

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