Thursday, August 4, 2011

Easing back into it

I started slow with a couple of mitred stripe blocks - I like both the box and the cross formation, so will probably use both when I make a quilt. Which I'm NOT starting now, I have plenty of half-finished things to work on!

Yes, my ironing board stays "steaming hot" upside down. Big W didn't have much of a selection when I went there on an emergency ironing board cover mission ... actually there was this one and a pink one that was raising funds for breast cancer. I bought this one even though it was more expensive and not one cent went to charity ... I go to enormous lengths to avoid pink shit about cancer. I did however google how to make a big ironing table - I think it would be really handy. According to the YouTube gods, it's really easy to make! A lady did it in five minutes!

I ordered some more striped fabric to go with my small pile that I already have - it isn't much but I think it will be enough. I'm not planning another monster quilt, not for a while.

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