Saturday, August 6, 2011

More scrap quilt-as-you-go pieces

I'm getting back into the swing of doing these pieces - and I still think they're fun! I made two blue ones, and finished off a yellow one. Which I'm also using as my new header.

The blue one was a chance to finally use a really unattractive dyeing disaster fabric (see arrow) that I've had for years. It was my first experience of how black dye can completely take over everything else! Beware the dark side of the force people, it will swallow you up. I did manage to find a bit that didn't look like it had crawled out of a coal bag and coughed, but it was a struggle. And I have finally figured out how to add text and arrows and shapes to a photo on the mac. Expect a lot of these in the future because I am quite impressed with myself.

We're having the "fake warm" here at the moment - that week towards the end of winter where the temperatures suddenly go up and there's a smell of spring in the air. It never lasts of course, it just teases you with an idea that winter might be ending; after the fake warm there is another good three weeks of cold and wet before the weather really starts changing at the end of August. Canberra has a very predictable climate, and I know after seventeen years here (god! that long!) that winter doesn't end until you are really really really sick of it.

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