Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forgot to show you the back

I also took a photo of the back of the big quilt - but forgot to put it in the blog post. So here it is! I used lots of different bits and I love the look; I can probably use the quilt either side up.

I meant to do heaps of sewing today - now I've finally tidied up the sewing room from the scrap quilt chaos - but ended up spending two and a half hours in radiation oncology (it's meant to take about fifteen minutes). They got halfway through the zapping then realised something was stuffed up and they needed to check it, so sent me back out to the waiting room for the duration. In my gown, with the entire over-65 population of Canberra for company. And they're not interested in old copies of Marie Claire ... they would much prefer to chat. To me. Four treatments down, twenty-one to go.


  1. I love a pieced back! And hope you are feeling well, and there are no more waiting room experiences in your gown!

  2. Gosh. That's a real smorgasbord of colour. Lovely.