Monday, August 22, 2011

The enormous quilt is taking shape

As I went along with my quilt-as-you-go mini pieces I coloured in a square in the appropriate size on a bit of paper. A low-tech solution to keeping track of what I'd done, and an attempt to get the colour balance right. So eventually I ended up with 100 inches of pre-quilted pieces.

And I could cut them up in lots of pieces to re-arrange into something that might work.

Then draw another plan of where everything went.

I thought it might take a bit of thought and arrangement - but there was actually only one or two ways that it would go together without further chopping and re-piecing. So my options were limited. This arrangement has one or two colours the same next to each other, but I'm not going to freak out about it. This was in some ways a test piece made entirely of scraps and destined for regular use (and machine washing). I'm not sure what idiocy decided it would be so freaking enormous ... but small things aren't practical. There are only so many snuggle quilts you can put in the car before you start looking homeless.

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