Thursday, August 18, 2011

Burnt umber begone

My watercolour instruction book let me move onto colours! I did a colour wheel, although none of the colours of my paints matched the colours he said to use in the book. "To make purple, add Prussian Blue to Alizarin". Or alternatively, add that bluey colour at the bottom with that red colour in the middle row, because you know, it has to make some kind of purple. But as an exercise it served its purpose, in keeping on managing that pesky runaway watery paint.

Number two son decided to join in and painted his own colour wheel beside me, which was lovely company, if not particularly helpful. He was getting cross because his didn't look as neat and pretty as mine ... at exactly the same time I was getting cross because mine didn't look as professional and immaculate as the one in the book. We suffered our artistic deficiencies together.


  1. Hello. I've just read on your sister's blog that you're stalking me - how exciting! (My life is quite dull.) So I read a bit more of your blog, which I find a real hoot - or at least I did till I found out that you were having cancer treatment. Hmm. I love your positive attitude towards it, though. (Sorry if this is a crass thing to say.) Anyway, I got as far back as the why-I-blog post (and I agree - I blog to some extent to remind myself what I did also. Being 61, I have a tendency to forget what I did rather easily.

    Despite your critical attitude towards your quilts, I think they're great. Not that I would know, of course. But they look lovely to me.

  2. What a relief to move on from burnt umber. Compared to my colour wheel attempts yours is a Michelangelo Lynley!! Happy painting AND stitching.