Thursday, September 20, 2018

In honour of spring

We have turned a corner into springtime here in Canberra ... and our fireplace still hasn't been installed. Very sad face; we were hoping they might be able to get to it earlier but no luck. It won't stop us burning things in it of course, when it does get installed, but the need has really passed.

The boys and I took the dog for a walk around the lake on Sunday. It was blowing a cold wind but still quite pleasant and we even had a little bit of conversation. Nothing very sensible, but I will take what I can get with teenage boys. I'm not sure what number two son is doing with his shoe back there. And of course the dog LOVED it. The pack was (almost) all together and there were strange smells and lots of pre-teen girls to pat her and tell her how she cute was. She loves that, she is such a tart.

I told her to get in the car and she sat there. I do not thing that is a good place for a dog to sit. She moved eventually.

And the other spring time celebration was me in a flowery dress that I made myself. This is a terrible photo because my son was taking it and making me laugh ... but honestly I don't think you can get a very good photo of me. I'm not exactly photogenic, but I will say that the dress is slightly more flattering than it looks, especially when I put a nice jacket over it. I made a muslin and everything - adjusted the seams and got it to fit reasonably well in the places where it needed to. The fabric is a very nice cotton sateen with a slight stretch, and of course with flowers and birds.

We are still looking around corners for our cat, and hearing her or seeing her out of the corner of the eye when she's not actually there. Ghost cat...

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