Saturday, September 22, 2018

A bit of a horse blanket

This is the next thing to come off the loom - another scarf - wool this time. Or at least the weft is entirely wool, some of the stripes are wool and a couple are a wool/acrylic blend. Going with what I had in the cupboard again.

It is a bit disappointing - very firm and solid without much drape. Which is probably what I should have expected, but really this is a constant journey of discovery. I thought the different stripes on the warp would liven it up a bit, but it actually dulled down the weft yarn enormously. The weft is a lovely variegated wool in pink and orange and blue but you wouldn't know it from this scarf. Here it is on the ball. It hardly even looks like the same stuff.

And here it is as it is meant to be used. It is certainly extremely warm! It's the turn of the bamboo / wool blend next and we will see how that turns out.

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