Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Weekends are precious beasts at the moment - work is busy and after the laziness of December and January I'm finding there's not much time to do anything. Or anything fun. I have zero running fitness at the moment too. I tried to go for a run at lunchtime today  - or at least half a run doing the "run one song, walk one song" method - and even that was too hard. Fat and slow. I might have to ease back into it. The weekend before last I took the dog for a long walk around the lake which was a bit exhausting for both of us - me because I'm fat and slow and the dog because her legs are really only four inches long. About halfway we sat ourselves in the soft grass for a little rest, and to let the wind blow through our fur.

Canberra was going about its normal weekend happy business. There was some sort of random art event for kids at the National Gallery. A beautiful spot for it.

And there was a march of lots of people with different flags. And some singing. I looked it up when I got home and it was "International Mother Language Day" which explained the Welsh and the Ukrainian national costumes. I could not for the life of me think of a reason that those two groups would be on a wee march by the lake together.

Last weekend I headed off down the coast to inspect the building works. Not that there is much to see but we're still very excited. A slab!!! It looks huge. I think they always do at this stage. Hopefully we will have some walls this week.

I fully intended to go swimming but the weather was atrocious, and an easterly had filled the bay with bluebottles. Apparently the water is still lovely and warm but I wasn't tempted to go in.


  1. You're right - Canberra has its own special weekend air. It's making me homesick. And the building is exciting.

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  3. No, it wasn't anything bad. I just pressed "Publish" twice.