Thursday, March 16, 2017

And back to quilting

So the loom is in at weaving class, and I tidied my sewing room, rounded up the bits of wool, threw away TRUCKLOADS of crap from my cupboards, and now I feel like making quilts again. It is quite reassuring actually, to feel pleased to be starting a new quilt. I wondered if I had permanently lost interest, but no. I have a heap of half-finished projects I could work on, but that's boring. So I went to the lovely book I bought at a second hand bookshop in Eureka.

It's a beautiful book. I decided I would open it at random and use that page for inspiration NO CHEATING. Luckily there are about six quilts on each page so I had a few options. One of the options was this one.

Isn't it lovely? I like the idea of slightly random off centre log-cabins. I'm going to do a medallion and just throw it together a bit in whatever pleases me at the time. Starting back without any pressure, or compulsion to be tidy.

First border will be some slightly random off centre log-cabins! Yay!



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