Friday, March 24, 2017

Catching my breath

Work has been busy this week - before you know it it's Friday and I'm getting a chance to catch my breath and look around. I fully intended to take a photo of my loom at weaving on Wednesday but completely forgot ... I arrived late because of a meeting so was cranky and frazzled. But a couple of hours of threading soon calmed me down! We are all threading our projects at the moment which is a time-consuming and contemplative exercise. Kind of boring, but also kind of soothing. I only got halfway through my threading, so goodness only knows when I'll actually get on to weaving.

I went for a run yesterday lunchtime to try and shake some sense back into my brain. Not sure it worked. There was a visit by the Chinese Premier to Parliament yesterday, so some protest action. The Tibetans are in yellow, on the right. The Chinese supporters (mostly Chinese students in Australia that are wheeled out for these occasions) are in red, on the left. The Falun Gong are sitting quietly around the corner, as they tend to do. The Australian Federal Police put barriers down the middle to separate the groups but I don't think they were expecting any trouble.

The Prime Minister said there would be additional security at Parliament because of the attack in London but I didn't see much evidence of it. Business as usual really. And look at the rain coming in. It started to pelt down just as I finished my run. We've had a lot of much-needed rain this week ... number one son is off on Year 8 camp at the moment. No doubt getting drenched. He is in Year 10 so is there as a student leader to keep the young ones in line! I'm sure that is going splendidly....


  1. "Much needed rain" isn't a phrase I use often. Ever.

  2. Was he a student leader for No. 2's camp? I hope they had more sense.