Sunday, March 19, 2017

Watching reading listening

I have been more focussed on other people's creativity than my own this week ... some sewing but not much. Working continues to be a drain on my time and energy! Curses. I took number two son and a few of his friends to see the Canberra Philharmonic's production of Chicago on Thursday night.

It was fantastic - wonderful choreography and very high energy. Chicago is a favourite musical of mine, so seeing the old favourites done so well was an absolute treat. And the kids enjoyed it too - they are not all with my son in the performing arts elective but he has cajoled them into enjoying what he enjoys. The only downside was my son refused to do the normal mother/son two part renditions on the way back home. Apparently not OK with an audience in the car.

I went and saw two exhibitions at the Belconnen Arts Centre yesterday - Ebb and Flow is textiles, which is what made me haul myself across town, but actually the paintings in Both Sides of the Fence were more interesting. I must remember to get to these exhibitions, they are not usually too huge so don't take very long to go round, and it's always good to see what people are doing.

I am enjoying my book at the moment - a biography of Leo Tolstoy - normally I get a bit bored with biographies about two thirds of the way through when they start getting into the serious parts of their lives (I prefer childhoods and marriages to politics and business) but this is a good one. Inherently interesting person of course - much more interesting than I realised! I am learning lots - and very well written.

And listening to lots of podcasts while sewing, walking and (sadly) running. The normal Chat 10 Looks 3 which I really like, plus (also quite sadly) the Party Room which is a weekly update on politics and then yesterday I listened to a very interesting talk with Guilia Enders who wrote a book called "Gut". Sounds weird but was fascinating, and quite funny.  Where would I be without the ABC? Bored I think, and sadly under informed. The other thing I'm listening to is folk and bluegrass in preparation for the National Folk Festival at Easter. I loved it so much last year, I am going again, and hope it can live up to my self-inflicted hype. Bring on the banjos!!!!

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