Tuesday, March 14, 2017

And hello four-shaft loom

I don't have a photo of it ... but I have a new loom! A woman at the South Coast was selling off her basic looms she used for lessons, and I was there, so I went round, and bought one! Well actually I bought two, but one was for a friend, so it doesn't count. Isn't that exciting? It is quite old - she bought it secondhand - but seems to be in quite good condition (like I would know) and has a lovely solid feel. I have taken it into weaving class and I'm going to use it in my project, to get used to it in a place where I have some help if anything goes wrong! I had been thinking about getting a loom like the ones we learn on, but they're close to $1000, and this one was $225, with all the bits and bobs you need. So bargain ... I will report back on how it goes as we get to know each other. My loom and I.

The beach was beautiful this weekend - it was a long weekend but the boys and I came back Sunday night because the builders arrived at 7 am on Monday morning. Not a holiday in New South Wales. But we were not complaining because it is good to see them cracking on. Wall frames are up, windows in, just bricking to do then gibbing the interior, electrical and finishing. Another week or two they reckon.

We had some lovely swims - there was a massive swell down the east coast because of the weather over the last few days. Saturday we swam at the patrolled beach and Sunday we made sure we went to the southern end of our beach which is more sheltered. The water temperature is the warmest of the year and was lovely. Still cold by any objective measure, but certainly not requiring a wetsuit.

The dog loved it. Seaweed, dead jellyfish, all the pack together on the beach.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the new loom - or how the new room on the bach looks. All very exciting :-)