Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We have a room!

I snuck off down to the beach by myself last weekend to check out our new room ... all finished! Well, finished as far as the builder is concerned, we still have to paint the walls and ceiling and door, stain and varnish the skirtings and door frame, put up curtains and put down a floor ... but we can do that. Because now we have a room! It is very exciting.

When I was at the house last time there was just a wall, and this time there is a door. Into a new room that wasn't there a week ago. It is like Narnia.

A photo of an empty room! Not very exciting I know. I did spend the entire weekend scrubbing. The whole house was filthy with brick and wood dust. They'd put up a tent when they were cutting through the bricks to catch the worst of it, but even so, every surface needed cleaning. And the mop water was red like the bricks. It looked a little bit crime scene.


And this is the before and after shots from outside. We're really pleased with how they've finished off the new (tiny) garage and it does give us a bit of space. We couldn't lock up a car in there but there's heaps of space for bikes and boogy boards and other things we don't want to leave in the open when we're not there.

I did get in a lovely swim - the swell is up again and the waves were massive. And the water's still warm! I stayed in until about 5 pm when I suddenly realised I was the only person in the water (along a mile or so stretch of beach) and I started to feel a bit sharkbait. Hopefully it will still be warm when we go down again, paintbrushes in hand, to turn it into a proper room. The boys can help...


  1. That looks excellent Lyl, can't wait to see it after the painting, curtains etc...

  2. How lovely. I have an occasionally recurring dream that I open a cupboard that somehow I've never noticed before (after 28 years in the same house) and there's another room that I never knew was there. So now it's come true for you!