Thursday, March 2, 2017

California Part 8 - San Francisco still

Today we put our walking shoes and trod the streets of San Francisco - around and around and up and down. Especially up and down! We found a Spothero park near Union Square and got distracted for maybe half an hour by the shops before walking up to Chinatown. I saw a fabric shop and went in - not realising that I had stumbled into the four glorious floors of Britex fabrics. FOUR FLOORS. Packed full of fabric, all sorts, everything, all prices, unbelievable. I literally had my mouth hanging open and the sales staff were laughing at me although I think they've seen it before. One of them kindly said I could take photos. I didn't, and I didn't buy anything either. I had paralysis. How could you choose one thing? Impossible. On to Chinatown.

We had an early lunch at Z and Y restaurant that had been recommended by a friend and it was delicious. Szechuan, and crazy amount of chillies, but we struggled through! Then walked to City Lights bookshop, because you have to look around it really, and on to Coit Tower. Walked up some of the legendary steep streets - took this photo because the truck at the bottom was stuck. It couldn't go forward or back because the angle where the street met the cross street was too acute and it jammed its fenders. The driver was getting a bit cranky, and the cops were on the way. Hahaha. A guy who lived there said it happens all the time.

Today was a beautiful clear and sunny day - and the view from the top of the hill where Coit Tower is was stunning. San Francisco just laid it on gloriously. The Tower had more excellent 1930s murals of the dignity of workers.

I chose not to go up the tower (no heights, no boats) but Brad did and said the views were extraordinary.

This is the view back down to the ground. Slightly too extraordinary for me. I was happy to see his photos but felt no urge to have a first hand experience.

We headed off in another direction from the hill to wander through the inner suburbs. It reminded me so much of Wellington! Just bigger. We were happy to look at the buildings and stop for coffee and cake when we got tired. There were some seedier areas we passed through but not exactly what you would call rough. Maybe it gets dodgier at night? We went to the Cable Car Museum which is also the place where the cables for the four remaining cable cars run. And you can see them spinning on the enormous wheels ... it is quite low tech. Amazing that it is still running after so long but I wasn't filled with confidence to go and leap on one.

And back we went to Union Square with tired feet ... but not too tired to check out the winter sales in the shops just one more time. In case we missed anything.

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  1. We walked all that area as well but didn't go up Coit Tower - looks like we missed out there, those views and murals are amazing. On the other hand we did ride the cable cars (lots) - awesome fun, but we hadn't been to the museum so didn't know how old the technology was - better not to know :-)