Monday, May 2, 2016

Crimes of clothing

Well, Tammy quite rightly called me out about wearing pantyhose in this day and age ... I did know it was a crime of fashion. But I do it anyway. The young ones at work all wear their little suits with pencil skirts and long bare legs ending in the perfect nude stiletto - and good luck to them.  Sadly I have to wrap my varicose veins in some nylon to cushion the visual impact, and soften the pain of the cankles meeting the hush puppies. Silk purse, sow's ear etc.

But it's not the only crime of clothing I've done this week - I chopped the sleeves of a brand new wetsuit after giving up the hopeless task of finding what I wanted in the right size. I can't remember here if I've ranted about fat lady wetsuits before - they just don't exist in the shops. You might get one size 14 if you're lucky, and that's too small for me. I picked a cute one off a rack the other day and it was a size 4!!! What the hell, that's not a size, quadruple it and we might start talking. And a wetsuit is not really the kind of thing you can order on-line because sizing is everything. So when I saw this Roxy one and it fit me well, I bought it and decided just to slice the sleeves off. Yay for quilting rotary cutters and mats and rulers. No hem or other binding on it, so I just sliced.

Number two son thought the offcuts made snazzy arm warmers. He also tried them as socks, before settling on a champagne cooler. That's my boy.

And here is me trying to take a photo of a sleeve of a wetsuit without looking like an overstuffed sausage. No photoshop was used, but there was some judicious cropping. Anyway I gave it  solid ocean testing and it worked brilliantly, although I might take another inch off because it sits in the elbow crook and it might chafe if I'm in for too long.

The weather was unbelievably lovely for May and we had a great swim. Water was cold but not bitingly so and the sun was so hot it didn't matter! A wonderful weekend break that we really did need - and it helped that Canberra had its first cold snap, and we missed it. Yay! Here's me and number two son having a sunset walk before returning to the cold champagne (me) and a chocolate eclair (him).


  1. Gosh....I always thought I was fairly fashion forward, I never knew panty hose were out.

  2. Gosh....I always thought I was fairly fashion forward, I never knew panty hose were out.

  3. i guess it just depends on where you live and work. in the midwestern part of the u.s. they are pretty much out. the champagne cooler cracks me up! love seeing the pics of the ocean.