Saturday, May 14, 2016

Orange and circley

I haven't finished everything up, so I shouldn't be starting any new quilts, but guess what. One just happened. I felt like circles, and I felt like orange, with some black, white and grey.

These are quite large circles - 9 inches in a 14 inch background - and pieced rather than appliqu├ęd. It gets a bit pear shaped around the edges, but then I can trim the background square into ... well, back into a square. And it comes up quite nice, although I probably won't leave them as circles because it would be a bit boring. Not sure exactly what I'll do with them, maybe quarter them? Maybe? I do like the colours together.

Today was a beautiful crisp Canberra winter day with fog in the morning and sunshine from then on. I went for a run in the fog wearing a long sleeved top and the fog cleared while I was half way out and I roasted. Very uncomfortable, but running is endless pain, so it just added to the mix.

On the brighter side, I went to Spotlight in the afternoon because they were having a big sale and I had a spend-$100-get-$40-off coupon. And they had $350 rolls of batting reduced to $100 and I could use the coupon!! How amazing is that? 18 metres of batting for $60. I have another coupon but you can only do one a day so I might go back tomorrow, because I sure do use a lot of batting. It's a poly-cotton mix and seems perfectly fine quality. Love a bargain.


  1. awesome buy on that batting! good deal!

  2. Love your pieced circles! I can't even comprehend pieced circles, to be honest. My simple brain just doesn't want to go there. I've been doing a sampler Block of the week kind of thing and this month's theme is curves and I'm a bit ... eeeek?!? about it all. I should be less resistant to learning and just embrace it.