Friday, May 6, 2016

A finish

I finished the red and paisley-ish snowball thing - now called "Build a raft of bamboo" because I am having a folk-music-fiesta on Spotify and that phrase gave me a week long ear worm. I have taken to wearing earbuds to listen to the music so it doesn't matter how loud I sew - I can't believe I never thought of this before. It is a bit anti-social though, and means I can't hear what else is going on in the house. Which is a good thing, but perhaps would not have made me a good mother when the boys were smaller. I am investigating bluetooth headphones so I don't accidentally cut the cord when I snip things. I have had a couple of close calls.

I like this quilt - it is kind of old-fashioned. Despite all those cool patterns I did in each snowball block you can't really see any of them. Here is a close-up and you just can't tell - I took a photo from the back to see if it was any more obvious  but not! Never mind, I know that it is a glorious tribute to free-motion quilting, even if no-one else does.

I have missed the beach all week - one of those weeks where I sit at my desk and wish that I was walking along the sand. It is really getting wintry here. Number one son had his hoody up, but I wanted to test the light levels before I took the quilt photos, so ended up with a Gandalf close up. Strange child.

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