Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Urble urble

I'm just burbling along at the moment - work is quiet, nothing much going on at home, weather is getting cold ... my run on the weekend was the first one in a while that hasn't involved quite a bit of suffering (I know, drama queen - I'M SUFFERING PEOPLE) but I might be on the up there too. Which makes a nice change from last week where I went out at lunchtime and ran for about two minutes because I just Could Not Be Bothered. It was a beautiful day, and there were people playing lawn bowls, and my enthusiasm for self-improvement had fled. I cannot wait for retirement.

I am so vague I forgot to go for my regular injection last week but they are quite used to vagueness on the chemo ward, so I knocked off a bit early today and went on my way home. I'm mentioning it because that was kind of the most exciting thing that happened today. We caught up with lots of different friends on the weekend, which was lovely, and I spent a bit of time sewing. But not in a productive way - just flitting between projects. A lot of making scrap blocks because my scrap tub is overflowing. Scrap blocks are awesome but I could make several thousand from that tub. If I have enough focus, which I do not, at least not today.

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