Monday, May 30, 2016

Mindless scrappering

I'm in between projects at the moment - pondering some, looking at others, and ignoring the ones I should be finishing. Which is the mental state where I go into the scrap bin and start making those little six and a half inch blocks of scraps from the scrap bucket. After doing that pretty much all weekend I am still finding it entertaining so I must be in a very scrappy mood. This is the before shot of the scrap bucket.

And this is the pile of blocks I've made - I haven't counted them but it would be about 100 I think.

And this is the after shot of the scrap bucket. Any difference? Not really. Just one little tub of left over bits of fabric (some from YEARS ago, it's quite astonishing what's down the bottom) making quilts and quilts worth of blocks. Or it would, if I could sew them all together. The floor of my sewing room is now an absolute disgrace, and my clothes are covered in threads. They fly everywhere. The rubbish bin is full too - of offcuts that are simply too small to be used. And do I still feel guilty about throwing them away? Yes.

It was a cold and foggy weekend in Canberra so we stayed pretty close to the house with occasional bursts of exercise. Number one son went for a long bike ride - I went for a short run - number two son had some friends over on Sunday afternoon that continued on into friends' parents over with wine....then dinner... a lovely way to end the weekend.




  1. i swear, my scraps breed like rabbits...

  2. I think if they are quite small scraps, and cotton that you could compost them. I do love a way to throw something away that is annoying me and feel virtuous at the same time.