Thursday, May 19, 2016

A new enthusiasm

Number two son has a new enthusiasm ... moving on from washi tape ... he is now into all things Korean. He bought a Korean phrase book with some of his Christmas money, and is listening to youtube videos to try and get the accent right. This is the wardrobe door in his room.

And there are random post-its on the furniture. A very sensible way of learning a language but meaningless to the rest of us. He has been telling me learned things about the script and the development of the Korean language but I don't really retain most of it.

But I did retain quite a few of the Korean steamed buns that he made on the weekend. He made a yeasted dough by hand - then rolled it into little discs, stuffed it with the sweet potato filling and steamed it. They were amazing - exactly like the ones you get in restaurants!

The filling recipe he used was just mashed sweet potato without any flavouring or anything - so that was a bit bland - but I think that you could get quite creative with the filling, and the steamed-ness was awesome. We might invest in a proper bamboo steamer, and I'd like to try the ones where you steam them then fry their bottoms for extra crispiness. Or, I'd like him to try them, and I can eat them. I do support my children's enthusiasms....


  1. Impressive! Next language you need to get him to learn is Polish. Pierogi. Need I say more? (The Polish Club does excellent Pierogi though if he doesn't want to learn Polish)

  2. Your son is astonishing. He doesn't realise this, but his enthusiasm for washi tape led me to buy some for my little grandson, who uses it to stick together bits of paper on which he's drawn bits of huge traffic layouts. I don't think he particularly cares about the patterns of the tapes but they're nice and easy for a 4 year old to cut.