Friday, April 29, 2016

Another week

Back to school and back to work - not much to report here, other than on the weather front, where it refuses to either get cold or rain. I am going down the beach this weekend so I'll see if that makes it rain ... I tested it with 100 loads of washing last weekend and still the sun shone! Here is another sunset dog-walking shot with a son in short sleeves. I know, it looks like he has a cotton ball on a piece of string.

I have finished that snowball and red quilt, and am now moving on to quilting another old forgotten one. And the gallery sold two more of my quilts! So exciting,  I will have to make sure that I spend the money on something proper and not just fritter it away on coffee and pantyhose. I also went for three runs this week in an attempt to get some fitness back. It isn't quite like starting over completely again - thank heavens - but I am not exactly at the "run 8 km while singing and dancing and giving thanks to the joyous spring" stage that I was in September. Or I think I was - I might be giving it a slightly optimistic tinge. My bones and muscles objected but I will keep going, it is much nicer running in the open air than being inside a gym, and I know it's good for me.


  1. good grief girl, are people still wearing pantyhose these days? ugh! two words, woman - bare legs! lol

  2. Clearly Bunbear doesn't live in Scotland...

    I've developed quilter's elbow! Ow!