Friday, April 8, 2016

End of the week and end of the term

Whoosh and it's Friday again and not just any Friday, but the end of the school term and into two weeks of holidays. Which we are all ready for. Number two son had three days at school camp this week to finish up the term - he quite enjoyed it but wasn't super thrilled. I think it's a bit regimented for him. And his older brother had filled him with the highlight of the camp which was racing around dangerously in dune buggies ... it must have been a bit TOO dangerous because sometime in the past three years they had taken the engines out. So the kids pushed each other around in dune buggies, which my younger son was NOT impressed with. And to top it off he came back with a rather virulent (we could even say explosive) gastro that flattened him out for a day or so.

In his absence we had quite a nice quiet time enjoying the serenity and taking the dog for long walks in the sunset. This photo was on Tuesday which was our (hopefully) absolute last gasp of summer at a ridiculous 31 degrees. Still t-shirts in the middle of April.

This probably doesn't look very thrilling but I was excited because it's 30 yards of fabric that came jammed into a USPS box. Because of the way the shipping costs are structured it's much more economic to order 30 yards than 6 yards ... other than the fact you have to spend all that money on fabric of course. But it was very exciting, even though most of the ones I bought are blenders. The $AUS isn't all it could be at the moment, but I don't think it's going to get any better in the short term, and it is still so much cheaper than the fabric stores here! Which I don't even bother going into any more, now that I buy my batting on-line as well.


  1. oh i wish you could go to paducah, lynley! in a couple weeks we will be going there for the quilt show and we will be spending a lot of cash at hancock's of paducah. that store is amazing and the prices are really good.

  2. That is a SERIOUS fabric habit. I feel completely vindicated in the little bundle I bought the other day for £13. Not that I actually needed any of it, other than that... I *needed* it.