Monday, January 28, 2013

Well, this sucks

I'm not having a good quilt moment with these moths in windows. In fact, it's been a bit of a disaster since about halfway through making the blocks. I didn't really like the colours and the boringness of the block was making me a bit spare. The brown/orange/yellow fabric is just plain ugly. But I persevered, because you do have up and down moments during a project, and sometimes you just have to keep going even when you're not too sure.

So I made 64 blocks, and batted them and quilted them all individually, and they made a nice soft pile of quilted squares. I trimmed them down and there was a bit of a wild variation in size, but I cut them largely to the same dimensions and hoped for the best.

And I've today finished joining them into pairs, with the navy and white spot fabric, and that was OK, but not very precise. Because I'm unconvinced that the end result is going to look any good at all, I'm rushing and can't be bothered lining stuff up. And quilt-as-you-go is reasonably hard to get exact, you have to use foreign things like pins and rulers if you want it to be square. But I ended up with 32 pairs.

And then I joined the pairs into fours, and it all started to go horribly wrong. Have a look at this. Those are inches on the mat, so I'm about two and a half inches out, on a 24 inch piece! That is not good. If it was even one inch, I would just hack it off, but it's actually going to look completely stupid if I chop this off - I'd lose half the pattern.

So I've thrown it all in the corner of the room after swearing at it and now I'm going to start something else. I'll find it again when I'm tidying up in 2016 and do something with it then.


  1. Sounds like a good idea... take another look later....but I love 'moth in the window' block.

  2. oh dear! Sympathies. I have my flimsy together for moth in the window, the centres measured exactly the same across, yipee-BUT when I put the minimoth border on it was way out-dont know if its the quilt or the minis that has the problem, I'm just hoping for the best when I layer it! one of THOSE patterns, I think!

  3. that always did look like more trouble than it was worth! you may just have 64 potholders... :)