Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finishing a long-buried top

I cleaned out the top of my shelves in the days after Christmas. That's where I chuck finished things that aren't going to be used immediately, and un-finished things that I will do one day, and random lengths of batik I bought in Indonesia, and things in progress that have been demoted, or are being punished for their sins. That's a lot of crap to put on a Expedit four by four.

So I cleared it off, found homes for most of it, and finished up this scrap quilt. It was on the bottom of the pile because I didn't really like it. It's crumb blocks, turned into triangles and made into pinwheels with sixteen different fabrics. But it's nice and big, and will be useful, so I finished it up with some basic machine quilting in the ditch.

Excuse the bad photo - it's been a bit hard to find a day that's not either vividly bright sunny or blowing an absolute gale. The hot grey windy days are the worst. Here's a close up.

One of the reasons I've lost enthusiasm for this quilt was because I was sewing it at the quilt retreat I did in May 2010. I brought a big bag of scraps and I was happily whacking them together at great speed and with little thought ... and someone decided to have a conversation with me about how I should do more complicated things, that take more time, but are worth it, to have something really nice. And suddenly my scrappy messes didn't seem so fun any more. I don't usually mind too much what people say but I think it touched a nerve ... and resulted in nearly three years at the top of the shelf for this poor inoffensive quilt.

This is the back- I also found some strip sets (the yellow and blue) on the shelf that I used and more Samoan prints!!! Only twenty-eight yards to go!!!


  1. Surely our time at the sewing machine is meant to be fun, not punishment. Sew what makes you happy. Sounds like you met with the dreaded quilt police.

  2. I think you're right, and now it doesn't matter at all, but at the time it sucked the enjoyment right out of it :(

  3. your quilt is very pretty. if i held out for making only complicated quilts i would have to quit quilting!

  4. God some people suck sometimes. I absolutely love your quilt. And if it makes you happy, who gives a rat's?

    I personally don't believe in matching seams. Love horrifying the quilt police dears at guild.

  5. Good grief, aren't people rude? Though she maybe didn't mean to be. I think it looks really quite complicated and would be THRILLED to have made it.