Monday, January 7, 2013

Help me, I'm melting...

It's hot today, it was hot yesterday, and it's going to be hot for the next week ... we're just sort of flopping around like stranded fish. There's a point where the temperature of everything gets above human temperature (what is that? 36C?) and things feel wrong. Toilet seats feel warm. Shoes from the cupboard feel like they've just come off someone's feet. This is not pleasant.

And number one son has an ear infection - from swimming - which means he shouldn't swim. So we're giving it a few days without swimming - much less than recommended - but it's still a hardship. I've let them go with a sprinkler in the back yard a couple of times ... I don't think we're on water restrictions but I actually can't be bothered finding out. Go ahead, report me. I can't see any of my neighbours (who are given to the illegal burning of rubbish and occasional decapitation of protected wildlife (I'll tell you about the snake infestation when the horror has worn off)) dobbing me in.

But I finished the string quilt! Light blocks in the middle, dark blocks around the outside, and free motion quilting in a kind of cross-hatching. I like it, but it's too small for a bed. Maybe a car quilt! Our car quilts turned into picnic blankets and then towels during our trip to the coast, so I know how useful they can be.

The boys are practicing baseball under the eaves in the shade because it's so hot. About three feet from the windows. This is not going to end well...


  1. You'll hate me but I'm actually not feeling the heat this year! I don't know why - have always suffered in the heat even when a skinny kid. We don't have air conditioning but our house stays pretty cool just so long as it gets the chance to cool down overnight - all doors and windows open and bugger the burglars.

    Having said that I hope theree is some relief soon. Especially with tomorrow being a nasty hot windy day and all I can think about is bush fires.

    Absolutely lovely string quilt! I need to get back in the sewing room

  2. love your string quilt! oh, i so feel for you with the heat. our summer just past was absolutely, completely, unbearable. we are in winter now with cold temps and i am not complaining in the least. it is better than that awful heat.

  3. And hasn't number one son grown, don't need hubby to hold up quilts anymore!