Saturday, January 19, 2013

Enjoying our christmas presents

We are enjoying our christmas presents. I got my husband a coffee machine - it's a Nespresso, which has the little pods that you put in and a milk frother attached. It's very easy and no fuss and it makes lovely coffee (or we think it's lovely, we may not be coffee gourmets). Since christmas we've both been having about eight coffees a day, just to push the little buttons and make the whooshing sound and fluff up some very fluffy milk.

It's also the brand that George Clooney advertises, so we call this machine a George Clooney. And the coffee, and the process, and the pods.
   - I'm having a George Clooney, do you want one?
   - It's over there, next to the George Clooney.
   - Sorry, I can't hear you! George Clooney!!!!!

This is my present, a keyboard. It's not a very fancy one, just from Target, but I'm not a very good player. In fact I'm not a player at all - I had two years of lessons back when I was (maybe) seven years old before the piano teacher politely suggested to my parents that if I wasn't interested and wouldn't practice then maybe they could save their money and she could get more enjoyment out of her few remaining years. She was quite old.

So I printed something out from the internet about which note means which white or black thing on the keyboard and bought a book called "Easy Piano Jazz Hits" and away I've gone. I can go about ten minutes before I get bored, which means my progress isn't very rapid. I can do a tune with my right hand just fine - I'm comfortable in the treble clef because I played the tenor saxophone for one glorious (to me) and hideous (to the rest of my family) year back in 1983. I'm a bit more hesitant with the left hand but I can work through it ... but putting the two hands together? Impossible. I think it's just practice though, so I'll keep pegging away.

Until I get bored. Remember the watercolours and instruction book I got the christmas before last, to help my great new adventure into watercolour art? I may be a dilettante.


  1. Yeah, well I've been getting piano lessons since last Jan (a year. Argh) and still find putting two hands together horribly difficult, so don't get too good too soon, would you? Mind you, I imagine you're twentyish years younger than I am, which is probably an advantage.

  2. Mind you, I fancy the GC. Not the chap so much, but the frothy coffee. Can I pop round for a cup?

  3. What a fab idea. Whenever you're free, we can taste our way through the fifty varieties :) might end up with some awesome piano playing.