Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

So here we are in 2013!!! How on earth did that happen, I must be getting old when the years seem to zip by so quickly. According to my dad it just keeps getting worse, so that's something to look forward to.

I don't normally ponder the past year, or think about the upcoming year, or make any resolutions. If I worried more about things I'd worry myself into a little greasy stain on the carpet, so I find it's best to avoid self-reflection. But having said that, 2012 was a great year. Without freaking myself out I managed to do heaps of things that I wanted to do. I made lots of lists. Here's one more:

  • I spent a few weeks working full-time doing my boss's job, which was a nice taste of what it would be like if I had any career ambitions. Doing the job was fun, genuinely fun, but it's too time-consuming. It re-affirmed my decision to work part-time at my little job. 
  • I did masses of quilting, and didn't worry about making great art. Or even bad art. That was a relief, and time in the sewing room made me very contented this year.
  • I had six overseas trips, including two countries I'd never been to before, and two wonderful family holidays. 
  • The boys appear to be growing up - physically and mentally - at the appropriate rate, although I'm not sure I have much to do with that. We have fun together now ... most of the time.
  • I got fit (although that's shot to hell now, thank you toe) and we did a few things round the house, with more to come. I turned out a heap of cupboards and chucked a LOT of stuff away.

And, of course, I'm still alive. The great big elephant in my room is the chance (35%, according to the doctor, which sounds quite scientific but I don't think it is) that I won't see 2017. One of my main achievements this year is not being paranoid about EVERY sniffle, cough, and ache (see "worrying into greasy stain" above). So, despite not making resolutions, I am going to enjoy 2013 just as much as 2012. Seizing the day...

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  1. Happy new year!

    Yes - seizing the day when you've been through health issues is really the only solution. Otherwise what a waste of time rocking silently in the corner waiting for the end!

    Hope you have a splendid 2013.