Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And some craft

My apologies for not much quilty activity on the blog here. My sewing room is upstairs, in the hottest part of the house, so on the very hot days I tend to avoid it. I've been hibernating in the main room next to the air-conditioner, reading, surfing the net and generally bludging.

But we did a bit of craft. This is from Better Homes and Gardens, a show that the boys just LOVE and which I find excruciating. They love the craft and the pets and the home improvements and all the other  joys of a well-maintained suburbia. Maybe they don't share my feelings of inadequacy and dismay when I hear about Lawn Maintenance and Interior Decor. But the one thing we all do with BH&G is bag out Tara. Tara is responsible for some of the mankiest pieces of crap that have ever littered a home improvement show. Tara takes perfectly good lampshades, spray paints them purple, and hot glue guns shit to them. I think Tara has to be taking the piss sometimes, but her wide blue eyes and big toothy smile only ever show a complete belief in crafty wonderfulness.

So I was a bit surprised when the boys wanted to do some Tara art. But it stopped them bickering for five minutes, so we bought the finest canvases the dollar store had, dug some masking tape and old sample pots of paint out of the carport and rolled away, just like Tara.

It was quite fun. I only had one shouty with number two son on how you had to do the RIGHT WAY not LIKE THAT. And now we have these glorious artworks to hang somewhere.


  1. They look pretty cool. Perhaps all those yellow rays reflect the recent weather?

  2. you have unbearable heat, we have frigid cold. yesterday was a balmy 17 degrees Farenheit!!!! brrr!

  3. I've just checked out Tara and she's cheered me up immensely. I'm off to convert my bedside tables into children's cookers and dig out the Christmas lights to make an all-year name frame. See me go!

    I rather like your pictures and your boys are so beautiful. They will break hearts.