Saturday, January 5, 2013


There has been much pottering about here over the last few days. We try and get everything done before lunchtime, and then spend the afternoon surviving as best we can in the heat. We have one airconditioning unit in the big room, so there's about a ten-foot tolerable zone we gather in, and try to avoid the rest of the house.

I always feel guilty about turning it on ("global warming!! the planet pays!!!") so I only use the air-conditioner when it gets over 35 (95F). Quite a few of our friends have put in evaporative cooling systems, which are brilliant in Canberra's very dry climate and much more eco-friendly. I might look into in the future but it relies on good ducting and we have a 70s house with raked ceilings and odd roof spaces that don't link to each other. And then it gets cold again and I forget about it .... until next summer.

Part of the pottering was replacing my ironing board cover, which had turned a bit brown and tatty. So I got to use the staple gun again!!! Very satisfying. I used this print that I got in American Samoa in 2010 - isn't it cheerful?? I was saving the Samoan fabric for something special, but I may have forgotten just how much of it I bought ... there is about 30 yards of various hibiscus print in the top of the cupboard and I think I better start using it up.

And we made ninja-bread men! Aren't they cool?? The cutters were a christmas present from my sister to number two son and we think they're hilarious. They really look like ninjas! And tasted delicious.

We took them to our New Year's Eve outing (along with fizzy wine and chocolates :). Canberra has fireworks at midnight but also does a 9 pm firework display for the kiddies. It's held on city hill and can be seen all round the lake, which means there are masses of good places to sit and watch. We found an excellent spot with our friends and settled in ... and then at 8.45 the sprinklers came on. Ooops. Here is a shot of several adults moving picnic blankets and trying unsuccessfully to keep children out of the sprinklers while being careful not to spill their drinks. We re-settled successfully and the fireworks were awesome! I love fireworks.

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