Friday, October 19, 2012

Yes, I am in the cool group, thanks for noticing

Today I am guest posting over on At Home with Books, which is a book review blog (duh). Alyce has a regular series where guest bloggers post on the best and worst books written by a particular author, so feel free to click through and see my not-so-erudite views on Doris Lessing.

I feel like "guest blogging" is something that proper grown-up bloggers do and not just part-time try-hards like me. Isn't that silly? I don't think At Home with Books has any more readers than I do (which mean between us we have eight people, unless some of you are reading both and wrecking my stats).

I think watching other people guest blogging away is the equivalent of those conversations where everybody else seems to know each other, and you don't know anyone, and you're not in the cool group any more, and your inner thirteen year old is mortified. Although I don't think my inner thirteen year old knows any big words like "mortified" ... back in 1983 when I spent a lot of time being hugely embarrassed by everything I think it was mostly "a major shrink-out". What does that even mean??


  1. hey that's pretty cool! congrats!

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