Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Even more boy-friendly

The one thing that could be even better than a car museum for a boy on school holidays? A water-park. A really big water-park with lots and lots of scary slides, water cannons, not-so-scary slides, big splashy pools and rubber rafts. Add in some soft drink and pizza and it was pretty much heaven for everyone. This is them racing out of the pool at the bottom of the "hairpin" so they could go up again.

This is me and number two son shooting out from the "twizter" backwards. The last part of the slide is enclosed (so pitch black) and it's not so much fun to do it backwards with a hollering seven-year old. We did the open air one next (and then I did them on  my own!) and both were much better.

Everybody will sleep well tonight.


  1. looks like you had a great day! i bet the kids are having a lot of fun.

    the pizza sounds pretty good to me right about now. think that might be dinner tonight - i don't feel like cooking!

  2. Well, you're a good mother. I would have been the one taking the photos...