Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shopping not sewing

This holiday business can really cut into one's sewing time - I haven't lifted a needle in a week - but there is always time for a bit of gentle shopping. Can you see a theme in the latest purchases?

 Lovely batik - printed cotton not proper wax batik, but I wouldn't want to go chopping up proper batik, so this will do nicely for my quilting. Do you think I can use all these together, or would that be a bit over the top? I waver between that and thinking "more! I need more batiks! more patterns all together yay!" That's kind of my quilting motto to be honest, maybe I should get little cards made.

I did buy something else in the fabric shop, this glorious Ungaro silk. A bit more expensive than the cotton, but it's a beautiful weight and will make a really lovely shirt ... when I get round to making it. I still have a length of beautiful fawn-coloured silk my husband bought me in Beijing in 1998, it's just too pretty to cut. But now I have the plain shell-top pattern sorted I could use it for this without fear. It's always the first cut that's the hardest!

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