Sunday, October 21, 2012

Avant-garde fail

I thought I'd get a bit modern, a bit groovy and artistic with this quilt top. Some people can do amazing things with stripes, so you know, I thought I'd try. Not very good. Not very good at all. I think you might have to cut the stripes smaller, or maybe pick more interesting colours, or perhaps put a little bit of thought into it. I had intended making it a bit bigger but nothing about this quilt makes me want to keep going with it. So I won't.

It would look a lot better if I gave it a proper iron, obviously. I still haven't decided whether to quilt it or  just consign it to the bin of shame (or make a cushion cover! or a dog blanket!). It might grow on me.

This weekend has been busy busy busy. Baseball has started again, with both boys playing this season. Number two son is completely new to the game, and has basically no skills at all. But he'll learn - and he has lovely team mates and a very kind coach. A very kind and slightly bemused American coach, who is a bit perturbed that an eight year old boy can have absolutely no idea which one is first base, and whether you go clockwise or anti-clockwise. Hehehe.

And we had a small party for number two son's birthday ... he wanted a chocolate cake, with lime-green icing, and home-made toffee shattered into bits on the icing. I did it, but I'm not sure if it was a success. The toffee looked a bit like little growths all over the cake - and my husband bit into a bit of cake and lost half a tooth. Ooops.


  1. I think the quilt looks great! Matches you son's cake (ouch! to your husband!)

    Perhaps the cross strips needed to be bolder? As it is the quilt blends well. But I like blended quilts, so possibly why I think it looks positively lovely!

  2. the bin of shame? oh, i'm rolling on the floor... i have to remember that next time i don't like something!

    bummer that your hubby broke a tooth on the cake. i'm so fortunate that my best friend (besides my hubby) works for our dentist and takes great care of us when there is an emergency! hope he got it fixed right away.

    i can only imagine the american coach not being able to wrap his head around an 8 year old boy not knowing anything about baseball. as i write this, we are watching the playoff game on t.v. for the world series. baseball is just about in every american's blood! and our family has it bad...we are all chicago cub's fans! hee hee.

    the cake looks properly disgusting for a kid's birthday cake and i'm sure he loved it.

  3. I would be extremely pleased if I'd made that.

    I've just read your D Lessing post. Funnily enough, I was just reading about her today and thinking, hmmm, maybe I should read some. Thanks for the recommendations.