Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's the flowers again

Every year Canberra has Floriade - flowers, lots and lots of flowers, mostly tulips - and it's very pretty and we go every year but really? There are only so many flowers you can see in your life. But the boys love it because there are rides and honey donut puffs and a petting zoo, so we try and make it every year because it is free we are good parents. This year is was just number two son and me admiring the tulips in a very un-springlike arctic breeze.

He made me go on the ferris wheel, despite my new rule after Krakatoa (No Heights No Boats - a lesson to live by). It was OK but wobbled a bit in the wind. Being up there did you give a much better perspective on the flower beds though - aren't those hats cool?

The first couple of times round I was too petrified to turn my head but I loosened up slightly on the fourth through seventh circuit and I was able to turn slightly to the side. Without breaking my python-grip on the safety rail. Speaking of pythons, the reptile tent had three handlers nonchalantly cuddling (wrestling?) pythons of various sizes. I was pretty cool with it until I realised one of them had another one in the hood of her hoodie, just curled up!!! Aaaaarghhh, I left the tent.

The flowers are really lovely. And the setting down by the lake is beautiful. And the honey donut puffs were delicious.


  1. Dammit! If I'd remembered about the honey puffs, I totally would have gone!

  2. One can never get too many flowers, in my opinion. Whereas Ferris wheels... argh. I continue to believe that you're a very good mother for going on that.