Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello from Honiara

Another view from another hotel room! Not quite as spectacular as the last one, and to be honest, it is FAR too close to the bar. Those umbrellas usually have loud beer-drinking blokes underneath them until past 11 at night, which is too late for me...

This is Honiara, which I'd never been to before, and which is very interesting. Unfortunately there's no chance to get out of town - I'm back home tomorrow - as apparently the islands are absolutely stunning. Town itself is no oil painting. I am trying not to stuff my suitcase with wooden carvings and woven baskets but it's hard because they are all so beautiful.

We had a work lunch today at a local Chinese which was incredibly delicious - as you would imagine the local seafood is amazing. Squid and prawns and fish and this awesome crab! I made a big fat pig of myself ... I think it's only good manners when you're visiting someone's country to make sure you enjoy the food.


  1. Come on...educate us. Where is Honaira?!

  2. i'm stumped too - where are you? that seafood plate looks like it was very good! i'm jealous!