Monday, May 14, 2012

Another rescue puppy

No, not a real puppy. Although we have been looking at those - but seeing that we don't want a surrendered pit bull, the options are a bit limited. We can't actually get a dog until the back fence is fixed, and that seems to be taking perhaps a bit longer to get quotes and actually do that perhaps it might have, if the person who was organising it (i.e. not me) was in anyway focussed. But, no  hurry, it will just cost money and then we will have NO excuse not to get the dog the boys so desperately want.

So that's why I called this quilt "Rescue Puppy", in honour of the visits to the RSPCA we have been making. I started it (the quilt, not the visits) back in October 2010 when I was getting excited about bias strips. And then I got bored, and needed to add more, but didn't want to, and up it went on the shelf of shame and that was that until a couple of weeks ago. I added one more wavy strip then batted it up and hand quilted in big stitch. That was fun! I did some crosses and different things, just for an experiment, and I like the way they turned out. 

So there's one puppy rescued from extermination ... and folded up and put in the cupboard. If only the real puppy could be dealt with as easily.


  1. Be warned: we went to the rescue centre for the cat our son had nagged and nagged for. The rescue centre persuaded us to take two kittens. Then our son got a job two hours' drive away. This is why we have two cats and can't go away on holiday. And have clawed furniture.

  2. i like the quilt. don't you just love those experimental projects that don't have any pressure to be 'just right'? i'm playing with something like that right now, myself. if it ends up in the trunk of the car, so be it.

    i'm guessing that your part of the world had experienced the pit bull craze also. it's so sad that those dogs have been mistreated and turned mean by their owners. they didn't do anything to deserve it, but end up the ones who suffer.

    as it is in our area, the shelters are overflowing with dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. this is good if you want variety in your adoption, but bad for the dogs, of course. our current dog, ivy, was a shelter pup, as were the previous two dogs we had before her. best dogs in the world, in my opinion. all they want is some love.