Friday, May 11, 2012

I cocked this one up

Here is another little baby quilt, suitable for either gender. I did like the piecing - black and white prints with a hint of yellow, in circles. This photo is my fabulous basting technique where I sticky tape it to the outside of my house, by the front door. Yay for me!

So far so good. Then I decided to quilt it by machine in concentric circles to reflect the pieced circles. And somewhere along the way, without my noticing, it went horribly wrong. I don't know how - it was flat when I basted it and flat when I started sewing it - but by the end there were folds and puckers and crap all over it. This is the finished product - see up the top middle? It is not good.

The problem is I still really like the colours and the pattern, and if it's just going to be used by a baby, does it matter that it's a bit poorly executed? How low are my thresholds?

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