Saturday, May 19, 2012

A quiet week

I've been slightly out of action this week with some kind of virus - since all the treatment finished I've only been used to feeling well! It was a bit of a shock to get a bug, I kept wondering what on earth was wrong with me ... turns out it's exactly the same as another woman in my team and two solid nights of eleven-hours sleeps has fixed it. But the week did vanish a bit.

Look at what I got for mother's day. This is a truly shocking reminder of early nineties crafting. My husband thought I would find it hilarious - but I think it's a bit sad. Having said that, I think there will be salt dough christmas tree ornaments in my future. It's just the kind of activity the boys would like - mess, squashing squishy stuff, and a small but real chance of an explosion.

The rest of the presents were chocolate and fabric, which is completely acceptable. I don't really like mother's day, there tends to be a deluge of women in the press and the internet saying how their lives are so much richer for their children, and they're constantly amazed by the incredibleness of being a mother, and how rewarding it is. I like my kids well enough, but I would never use any of those words to describe the experience ... so mother's day is like the feeling where you seemed to have gone to a completely different movie than all the other reviewers. Undermining and disorienting.

I did manage another rescue puppy though - this is the before picture - it's been a great big pile of cream red and green disaster for several years now. So I sewed them together and remembered why I'd abandoned it - somewhere in the middle there is a wrongly turned block, so the red and cream doesn't flow properly across the quilt. I ignored it, added the border, a bit of machine quilting and a nice stripey binding. So satisfying to have an orphaned project finished!

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